Geeky Anya and a Little bit of Cornwall


Hello fellow blog friends ! how has life been treating you ?its been a while since my last post here I’m not really sure if my posts are being read so it makes me kind of reluctant to post, it feels like i am talking to myself lol, Although i don’t really expect anyone to follow a blog that does nothing , its a catch 22 situation. but never the less I’m here with a couple of cards to share and a few photographs of Botallack mine, its where they shoot the mine scenes  for  Poldark sadly there aren’t any photo’s of Aiden Turner though … 😦

I feel so lucky to live in Cornwall especially when we have all of this picturesque coastline its about an hours drive from where i live thats taking traffic into consideration.

So without Further ado here are just a couple of the mine stacks at Botallack Mine and also some avid sailors flying the Cornish flag possibly on a trip to the Isles Of Scilly …………who knows:)

Here are the cards that i made …….

Geeky a M 01Geeky a M 02Geeky A P 01Geeky A P 02

 I hope you have a lovely rest of the week and thank you so much for taking the the time to stop by…..until next time

Hugs Bridget 🙂 xxx


2 thoughts on “Geeky Anya and a Little bit of Cornwall

  1. Judy Markowitz

    Your work is absolutely beautiful I can’t wait to see what you continue to create !


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